How Does IV Therapy Help?

Did you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated and don't even realize it?
We have all heard the cliche that we need to drink more water, but more some people this solution doesn’t seem to help.

This is often when IV therapy can help.

IV vitamin therapy is the fastest & most effective method of introducing fluid, nutrients & health supplements throughout your entire body.  Intravenous Therapy (commonly known as IV Therapy) is the administration of vitamins, minerals, hormones, or other solutions directly into a vein as a therapeutic treatment.

When you are treated by a physician the Hydration IV treatments are a safe, fast and easy way to revive, replenish and rejuvenate your body and mind.

What are the Benefits of IV Therapy?

Having worked with a lot of patients, we have learned that there are many benefits that they experience.

Fast-Acting Treatment

When it comes to rehydrating, an IV drip does more than drinking water.

When you drink water you may feel replenished but it’s mainly the effect of rehydrating the tissues of your tongue and throat.

Your body actually absorbs the majority of the water through the large intestine so it may take hours before all the tissues of your body benefit from the fluid you drink.

IV therapy is the fastest method of introducing fluid and nutrients throughout your entire body.

The health benefits take effect as soon as the hydration treatment begins. The fluids used in hydration therapy deliver electrolytes, amino acids and essential hydration directly into your bloodstream with 100% absorption. Most patients feel the difference immediately!

Gentle on The Digestive System

In some cases, nausea caused by a hangover, illness or chemotherapy can make it difficult or impossible to drink water without vomiting. This is another reason why IV Therapy can be a great alternative to increase hydration and nutrition.

Also, when you consume large doses of certain vitamins or magnesium in some cases it can cause diarrhea, cramps or other intestinal problems.

IV hydration essentially takes your stomach out of the equation and hydrates you quickly to relieve discomfort. The vitamin infusions increase the blood concentration of vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants without the unpleasantness associated with swallowing your supplements.

IV therapy also detoxifies your system, speeding the healing process and strengthening the immune system. When your body is hydrated and has a healthy balance of essential nutrients, your digestion and every system in your body can work the way they’re supposed to.

More Effective Than Vitamins

Often when you drink or swallow your nutrients around half of them are lost in the digestive process.

Certain health conditions can also impede the intestines capacity to absorb and retain nutrients.

This is why IV therapy may be a more effective remedy for correcting nutrient deficiencies inside of cells. IV infusions with the correct combination of hydration, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes deliver effective doses of essential nutrients directly to the cells where they’re needed.


Often people will associate having an IV drip with being in hospital. In that environment it may be there for hours to help you recover.

One of the surprising benefits of in-office IV therapy is the short amount of time needed for IV Therapy. The set up and treatment usually takes between 30 and 40 minutes while you relax in a comfortable treatment area. There is no rest time needed afterwards either, you are free to continue your day.

Work with a Doctor for the Best IV Therapy Results

At Pure Health, IV therapies are research based, medical grade, and highly customized. We are experienced in quickly supplying your body with essential nutrition. IV therapy can help you quickly recover from illness, hangovers, sport related stress and injuries, surgeries, and much more. 

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