How Does IV Infusion Therapy Work?

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IV fusion therapy is an effective treatment option ideal for people who are suffering from severe deficiencies and need to make up for them quickly.

Your will doctor devise a customized combination of vitamins and electrolytes that you can receive by way of IV fluids. In case your digestive system is not strong enough to process the vitamins and nutrients you need from the food it digests, going for IV infusion therapy could be a viable option. Here’s some information in response to some of the usual questions people have.

How Does the IV Infusion Process work?

Should you sign up for IV infusion therapy, the doctor will begin by discussing the medical issues you need to correct. Depending on your needs, she will formulate the right blend of IV fluids that can restore good health and wellness in your body. The nurse or assistant will place a catheter in your arm and hook up the IV fluids. The only pain you may feel is when the skin is pricked to insert the needle and catheter but the procedure is otherwise painless. The entire process may take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and you’ll have a trained medical professional supervising you at all times. 

What Makes IV Infusion is Effective?

Since the nutrients are delivered into your bloodstream intravenously, they are 90% more effective in reaching your body cells and restoring wellness in a shorter time. While healthy foods and supplements can also help you, digesting them may result in loss of at least 50% of the vitamins. Further, vitamins are typically water-soluble. The body absorbs what it can and the rest is moved to the body’s wastage disposal system. IV

The Benefits of Infusion Therapy?

Here are some of the reasons why getting IV infusion is a good choice.

  • A weak digestive system because of which you cannot eat nutritious foods

  • A severe infection that needs to be treated with IV medicines and vitamins

  • Dangerously low blood pressure levels

  • A weak metabolism because of which the body cannot process the food properly

  • Severe dehydration and muscle spasms like, for instance, after sporting activity or strenuous physical exertion 

  • Chronic fatigue and low energy levels

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Food poisoning 

  • A buildup of toxins in the body because of say, excessive alcohol intake

  • For getting healthier skin and hair

Choosing a Certifed Professional for IV Therapy

Rest assured that IV infusion therapy is completely safe and rarely has any side effects. But, it is important that you get treatment from a certified medical professional to rule out any possibility of infections and contamination. Before you get therapy, the doctor will assess your medical history, any illnesses you’ve had recently, and the medicines, over the counter or prescribed that you’re currently taking. She will also ask you if you’re on any supplements. Accordingly, the doctor will make recommendations about the right kind of therapy suitable for your individual needs. 

Getting IV therapy is a customized approach to infuse your cells with the nutrients they need quickly and with the maximum benefits. 

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