What is Ozone Therapy, How Does it Work?


Ozone therapy is an exciting form of healing that doctors have been using since World War I. Medical practitioners found that ozone could be used to help patients with a range of different problems.

While typically, oxygen gas has two molecules, ozone has a structure made up of three molecules. However, this structure is unstable and that makes ozone perfect for healing tissues and promoting overall health and well being.

Ozone Therapy Can Help with Various Medical Problems 

You probably know ozone as the gas in the upper layers of the atmosphere that protects humans from the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun. But, when used in liquid form, it can have many therapeutic uses. Here are some of them:

  • When administered on infected wounds, ozone can kill bacteria and lower inflammation levels. The gas can also improve blood circulation in the site so that the injury heals quickly.

  • In dentistry, doctors spray the gas into the oral cavity for quick healing and recovery from cavities and dental procedures like root canal treatment.

  • Ozone can help patients with any ailments caused by bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, and yeast. The molecules in the gas oxidize the weak membranes of the organisms so they are destroyed.

  • Diabetics typically develop wounds that don’t heal because of their sluggish blood supply. Ozone therapy can speed circulation so ulcers and wounds heal faster.

  • Ozone assists in the transfer of oxygen from red blood cells into tissues so they are able to rejuvenate and repair.

  • Patients suffering from knee arthritis can rely on ozone therapy to get relief from the pain.

  • Ozone strengthens the body’s immune system so it can resist infections more efficiently.

  • Patients with a weakened respiratory system because of asthma or any other causes will find that ozone helps with increased lung function and aids breathing.

  • Patients with diminished brain function can get back their cognitive abilities and memory.

  • Ozone can help patients correct the irregularity of their heartbeats.

How Ozone Therapy is Delivered

Ozone therapy is an excellent non-invasive healing option that gives visible results. But, if you opt for this treatment, make sure to work with a highly-trained practitioner.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information warns that ozone should only be used in liquid form for its therapeutic benefits. Accordingly, your doctor uses several techniques to perform therapy:

  1. Infusing ozone into drinking water so patients can drink and get its complete benefits.

  2. Infusing ozone into olive oils and performing massage with the oil for pain relief

  3. Injections or sprays in the oral cavity during dentistry

  4. Taking a sample of blood from the patient, blending ozone into the sample, and then, re-injecting the ‘ozonated’ blood back into the patient.

  5. Using an ozone gas bath 

Does Ozone Therapy Have Adverse Effects?

As long as you don’t inhale ozone and follow the recommendations of your doctor, ozone therapy can give you many positive results.

You’ll find that you can fall asleep easily and feel energetic all through the day. Patients also talk about how their skin developed a healthy glow and their hair and nails are growing stronger and longer. All of these signs indicate a healthy body.

Try ozone therapy, a natural, non-invasive treatment option, and avail of its full benefits of a better quality of life.

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